Hillcrest Engineering Instrumentation Ltd, or HEI as it has become known, manufactures electronic temperature & pressure sensing equipment, control equipment, wiring, and cabling products.

HEI products are unconditionally guaranteed to perform as good, or better, than the competition.

HEI prides itself on its flexibility of design and production. This website showcases many of our products and
services as well as the diverse range of markets in which we work. However, our engineering capabilities extend far beyond those described here.

Over its long history HEI has become synonymous with reliability, customer service, and quality to the BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.
Temperature & Pressure Cable Ancillaries

Temperature Sensor
Thermocouple - Mineral/Ceramic Insulated Cable Harness Panel
RTD - PT100 & PT1000 Engine Cable Harness Bulk Head Fitting
Thermowell (Pockets) High Temperature Cable Harness Cable Gland
Temperature Transmitter   Connectors
Temperature Switch
Pressure Switch
Temperature and Pressure Recorder
Temperature Calibrator - Dry Block

With its origins in the highly demanding marine industry, HEI has successfully diversified to provide solutions for clients within the following industries.

Areospace Furnace Marine
Chemical Manufacturing Oven

HEI ia a family run company with over a quarter of a century of expierience. During that time we have built up an impressive blue chip client base, with household names such as Rolls Royce, Perkins, MAN BMW, Vickers, and Regulateurs Europa, etc..


Hillcrest Engineering Instrumentation
is a major supplier of monitoring equipment for Paxman Engines

Hillcrest Engineering Instrumentation
supply management systems for the Man B&W RK-280 engine
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